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Remedies and strategies personally designed to assist in the healing of symptom’s presenting in the body.


"Let food be thy medicine"
( Hippocrates )


The eye is the window to the soul. Discover the underlying connection to your internal and external health.


Bowen Therapy


Relax, rejuvenate and recover via the therapeutic benefits of touch, aroma, and energy.

Welcome to The Healthy Guru


Here at The Healthy Guru it is our philosophy to offer you the best quality products and services for all your health and wellness needs.

Our Beerwah Retail Store and Natural Therapies Clinics was established in October 2013 as we saw the need to offer a one stop shop providing the very best in vitamins, supplements and healthy foods complemented with wellness therapies.   

Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice. We here at The Healthy Guru understand that choice can lead to more vitality in your life. Our philosophy and services will assist you in your endeavour to nourish your mind, body and soul on all levels.

There are many ways to achieve health and wellness of body, mind and soul. As healthy eating is only one avenue of a healthy lifestyle we also offer education through different tools including therapies of various modalities and knowledgeable staff.

So whether your health needs be training in a triathlon, catering for the wellness of your family or assisting in overcoming allergies and disease, we at The Healthy Guru are confident that the products and services we provide can assist you. We will have you well on your way to reaching your goals.

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"After more than 35 Years of emotional and physical heartache which has manifested into years of ill health, I can finally say I AM FREE.. WOW!! Even writing that makes me smile. Obviously I still need medical treatment, but to have that clarity is so over whelming. I am crying with joy now not sadness and frustration."

Donna, 2013

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