Body Stress Release


What is Body Stress Release?

Body Stress Release is a unique complementary health technique that was researched and developed in South Africa in the 1980s by Gail and Ewald Meggersee and is now practiced worldwide.

Body Stress Release offers a gentle and effective way to release stored tension from the muscles and works with your body’s natural desire to be stress-free.

This stored tension may be the cause of the discomfort or other symptoms you may be experiencing including; backache, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, cramp, constipation, vulval pain or anxiety to name but a few.

Body Stress Release uses information provided by the body to determine where stored tension may be undermining the efficiency of the nervous system, disturbing the body’s ability to co-ordinate its functions and perform at its full potential.

The term body work refers to a group of body-based approaches to treatment with emphasise on manipulation and realignment of the body's structure in order to improve its function as well as the client's mental outlook.

Can Body Stress Release help me?

Whilst Body Stress Release does not offer a diagnosis or treatment of any specific condition or illness, it assists your body in restoring its natural capacity for self-healing. Clients have reported improved health relating to a wide range of conditions including:

Musculo-skeletal and neurological complaints - back pain, sciatica, ‘slipped’ discs, scoliosis, neck pain, arthritis, whiplash, hip pain, frozen shoulder, bad posture, repetitive strain injury, tennis elbow, migraines, headaches, dizziness, neuralgia, Bells Palsy, TMJ and grinding of teeth, restricted movement, cramps, pins and needles

Gynaecological disorders – fertility problems, painful or irregular menstruation, menopausal side effects, vulval or genital pain (vestibulodynia, vulvodynia and vaginismus)

Gastro-intestinal complaints – heartburn, indigestion, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea

Childhood complaints – colic in babies, bed-wetting (enuresis), poor posture, growing pains, lack of concentration, fidgeting, emotional stresses of puberty, peer pressure and exams, sporting injuries

Body Stress Release also has a broader objective - it is concerned with assisting 'wellness' and many people choose to have regular releases to enable their body to perform to its full potential.


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"After more than 35 Years of emotional and physical heartache which has manifested into years of ill health, I can finally say I AM FREE.. WOW!! Even writing that makes me smile. Obviously I still need medical treatment, but to have that clarity is so over whelming. I am crying with joy now not sadness and frustration."

Donna, 2013

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